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Side Effects Include Disruption | Dell Technologies

Aug. 21, 2017

"From X-Rays to wearables, better healthcare means peering deeper into the human body. Join Walter and guests Dr. Daniel Kraft, Reenita Das, Dr. Jeffrey Trent, Anne Wojcicki and Dr. Giselle Sholler as they explore how wellness is becoming more personal, and more proactive.

Healthcare advances begin with the ability to see deeper and clearer into our bodies, our minds, and our genes. From Wilhelm Röntgen’s discovery of X-Rays in 1895, we’ve been on a never ending quest to find what lies inside, and what truths these insights tell us about our health, and ourselves. Today, imaging technologies, pattern recognition software, machine learning platforms, wearables and apps are making these insights cheaper and more widely available around the world – by quantifying the self, we’re improving quality of life."

A New Mindset for the SDGs? Top Takeaways from Singularity University's Global Summit

Aug. 16, 2017

David Katz, the CEO of Plastic Bank, said the idea for his company came from an “aha!” moment that took place at Singularity University — the institution that started as a Silicon Valley think tank, but has evolved into a global community, with a unique approach to applying “exponential technologies” to global challenges.

Democratization of Venture Capital with Initial Coin Offerings - an Interview with Brock Pierce

Aug. 4, 2017

This [an ICO] can make traditional venture capital companies obsolete in the coming few years. Every industry eventually gets disrupted, venture capital hasn’t been disrupted. So VCs invest in innovation and they finance the disruption of industry but they very rarely innovate themselves," Brock Pierce, Co-Founder and Managing Partner of Blockchain Capital.

What is Ray Kurzweil Up to at Google? Writing Your Emails

Aug. 2, 2017

Singularity University Co-Founder Ray Kurzweil has invented a few things in his time. In his teens, he built a computer that composed classical music, which won him an audience with President Lyndon B. Johnson. In his 20s, he pioneered software that could digitize printed text, and in his 30s he cofounded a synthesizer company with Stevie Wonder. More recently, he’s known for popularizing the idea of the singularity—a moment sometime in the future when superintelligent machines transform humanity—and making optimistic predictions about immortality. For now, though, Kurzweil, 69, leads a team of about 35 people at Google whose code helps you write emails.

How a Silicon Valley Big Thinker is Helping to Bring World-Changing Ideas to Life — in Miami

July 18, 2017

Salim Ismail, founding executive director of Silicon Valley’s Singularity University and a board member of XPRIZE, well-known organizations that inspire, educate and fund people and projects trying to solve world-changing problems through technology, will be honored by Endeavor Miami and give a talk to attendees at Endeavor Miami’s gala on Oct. 21.

Standard Bank to Host Africa’s First-Ever Advanced Tech Summit

July 13, 2017

Singularity University (SU) has announced its first international summit on the African Continent. The summit, taking place in Johannesburg from 23 and 24 August, will present a display of advanced technologies, extensive debate, and collaborative discussions, offering an exchange of ideas and existing best practices in the fields of healthcare, cyberspace, AI, robotics, big data, finance, and design.

11 Canadian Innovation Hubs Partner with SingularityU Canada Summit

July 6, 2017

Eleven innovation hubs have joined the SingularityU Canada Summit as community partners, opening up the Summit to startups across Canada.

Ray Kurzweil: There’s a Blueprint for the Master Algorithm in Our Brains

July 3, 2017

Ray Kurzweil, Google's chief engineer, is a famous futurist who's always banked on the coming of the singularity — when artificial intelligence overcomes human intelligence. For that to happen, however, we need to figure out the master algorithm.

Struggling For Visas, Tech Startups Are Looking Outside The U.S. To Launch Businesses

July 2, 2017

Mabell Aguilar, general counsel at Singularity University, an organization that helps tech startups through various educational programs and an incubator, said that anecdotally, she’s seeing foreign startup founders encounter more difficulties with their plans to continue growing in the U.S.

Ray Kurzweil Has a Prediction About Linking Our Brains to the Cloud

June 24, 2017

Once we eventually figure out how to connect our brains to computers, most thinking will happen in our synthetic computer brains, futurist Ray Kurzweil said on Friday. In a post for Singularity University’s YouTube channel, Kurzweil, a futurist for Google by day, said that he expects humans will be able to back up our brains to the cloud.