Andrew O'Keefe

Media Archivist/Producer

Andrew is a passionate storyteller with a never-ending thirst for knowledge. Working with the Digital Media team, Andrew operates as both a Media Producer and Archivist. While producing both external facing content for Singularity Hub and archival media from programs and events, Andrew bridges together the world of video production with archival management & distribution.

Prior to working in Silicon Valley, Andrew was initially based in LA. Working briefly as a freelancer and Media Technician for a Localization Provider, Andrew also began volunteering at an Art Gallery and had a series of pivotal life-changing experiences there. From experiencing passion within emerging underground art movements & Burning Man communities, Andrew switched gears and spent a few years touring the United States producing media, events, and art exhibitions alongside different artist collectives and independently successful artists. In this time Andrew was first introduced to the Singularity, and has since been heavily exploring the history and convergence of art, technology, and culture.

Andrew holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from University of North Carolina School of the Arts School of Filmmaking program within the Picture & Sound Editing discipline, and a minor in Screenwriting and Producing. From an early age, he was mentored in grade school as both a Media Producer and Archivist; and during high school, he attended a magnet school, the Greater Hartford Academy of the Arts, as a Film and TV major. He has since received extensive hands-on training in archival projects, records management and event production, from working within a variety of communities and alongside artists.

Andrew’s mission is to share emerging stories via recording and distribution, while generating backups of critical cultural data.