Gregg Carey

Managing Director, Digital Education

Gregg, a true exponential tech entrepreneur, was previously the cofounder of Voxy, the world’s first personalized language learning platform. Highlights include leading product for the award-winning, #1 education app across all of Latin America used by millions to building a global workforce of over 50 passionate and talented believers.

Gregg started his career during the dot com boom at Sapient designing and implementing some of the world’s first websites before the norms of today existed. There, he led teams of talented ethnographers, user experience designers, user interface designers, architects, engineers, and strategists.

In 2004, Gregg was selected to be a contestant on Survivor, where he spent 33 days living off the land, building relationships, thinking strategically, and consistently proving to himself that we all are capable of much more than we could ever imagine.

Gregg holds a BSE in Chemical Engineering from University of Pennsylvania.