Marlon Goods

Director of Faculty Relations

Marlon Goods has a passion for people, teamwork, and for serving a grand mission. He enjoys developing individuals and teams and he focuses his talents on creating long-term improvements for any project or initiative he takes part in. In his role as Director, Faculty Relations Marlon serves as the primary liaison to the Faculty and Speakers of Singularity University and is responsible for the oversight of all related activities including the recruiting and application process, orientation of incoming faculty, performance evaluations, and the training and coaching for speakers and faculty.

Marlon has been an active player in the education industry for over 16 years with a little over 6 of those years focused on disrupting the education space by adopting some of the latest technologies and exploring new opportunities those technologies have created.

In his spare time he is sure to be found doing something scientific. As a child, he would check out every “Shoe Box Experiment” from the library that he could, and in more recent years he quenches his thirst for challenge, learning and creation by way of cooking, photography, gardening, and pushing the limits of his technical creativity.