Regina Njima

Director of Global Impact Competitions 

Regina is dedicated to accelerating and championing socio economic transformation in Financial Literacy and Access; Education, Health, Entrepreneurship & Innovations. She has had a successful career in financial services while working at Kenya’s biggest bank by asset base (KCB). Her love for the community and genuine interest to help others prompted her to shift her focus and volunteer at the Ministry of Health (Kenya). This exposed her to a wide vary of issues that communities were facing.

Regina’s Bachelor’s degree is in Environmental Health, and she is currently pursuing a Master’s in Public Health. She has had the opportunity to work for different organizations which increased her scope of knowledge, skills and expertise. These include UNESCO, Technoserve, KCB, Ministry of Health and HACCP International. She is a co-founder of SAFARI, a charity organization aimed at helping those in need. She volunteers her time to mentor young girls who dropped out of school to be healthy, self-reliant and independent.

At SU, she manages the Global Impact Competitions.