Welcome to the Global Community

We’re a community of doers solving the grand challenges to create an abundant future

Singularity University IS our community. The SU community comprises people from across the globe who are interested in applying exponential technologies to tackle global grand challenges and create an abundant future. By connecting with each other, they form a global innovation ecosystem with the vision and ambition to transform billion-person problems into bold solutions for the future. 

The SU community is where an entrepreneur imagines with a nanotechnologist, experiments with a synthetic biology algorithm, builds with a prototype machinist, collaborates with a manufacturing engineer, proves a new concept in the field with a global NGO, scales it with a venture capitalist, and finally emerges with an exponential solution to an urgent global challenge.

In short, the SU community is a place where all the ingredients come together required to have exponential impact on the biggest problems of the world. All we’re missing is you.


Our Community Vision

Our diverse community of impactful individuals spans the globe. Innovators and influencers—smart, passionate, action-oriented people—represent various levels of engagement with SU. The community includes alumni who have attended intensive SU programs such as our Executive Program, Global Solutions Program, and Startup Accelerator, as well as those who regularly consume our news and content online or attend local meetups. Read more about our Global Plan.

The community values diversity and inclusion; their ideas, backgrounds, and solutions are as varied as their homelands. They are entrepreneurs, executives, academics, investors, social leaders, and policy makers. Get to know some of the many exemplary members of our community and you’ll see just how dedicated and passionate our community members are. 

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