Brian Ferguson

Associate Faculty

SecuritySingularity University

Brian Ferguson has spent the past 15 years working in high-performance organizations where he was trained by leaders and decision-makers in national security, the military, and technology. Today, he uses those experiences to lecture and speak the complex, dynamic 21 st century.  Brian works with a wide range of businesses and institutions to understand how to build adaptive, flexible organizations in today fast-paced environment. Most importantly, he believes that today world is an age of the democratization of elite where unlocking deeper levels of individual potential is more attainable than ever. Brian focus areas are on the future global security, the impact of accelerating technology on modern security issues, optimizing human potential in the age of technology, and the first principles of elite performance. Brian served for seven years as an Officer in the Navy SEAL Teams. Aside from contributions at the tactical level in special operations, he worked with senior leaders on understanding the impact of accelerating technology on the modern battlefield. He also built and directed the first innovation cell in Naval special operations, focused on human performance and emerging technology. Prior to serving in the US Navy, he was a Presidential Appointee in the Office of the Secretary of Defense where he worked on US national security & defense policy-making. Early in his career, Brian worked in the White House, as a Federal Liaison to the Governor of Ohio, and founded The Global Trends Group, a political and economic risk analysis firm.

Brian received an MSc from The London School of Economics, is a graduate of Singularity University in Silicon Valley, and the Santa Fe Institute on Complexity. He is a member of the Council on Foreign Relations as well as the Pacific Council on International Policy. Brian grew up in Ohio and attended Miami University for undergraduate studies. He and his wife Lindsay are both proud Midwesterners who now live in California.


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