David Hunt


Co-founder of Agrilarity

David Hunt is the co-founder of Agrilarity, a company dedicated to digitizing agricultural practices. He also serves on the Exponential Advisory Board (XAB) of Singularity University, an institute based in NASA’s Ames research center in Silicon Valley, California. In his role on Singularity University’s XAB, Hunt hopes to improve agriculture’s knowledge and adoption of technologies that are being developed outside of the sector. Previously, he was the managing director of Comex McKinnon, an Irish agricultural logistics company. While there, he oversaw the implementation of a new computer system, created by his brother Ross, that digitized and automated most of Comex's back office, logistics, risk control and stock management processes. This enabled Comex to double its physical volume of grain handled in three years without hiring a single additional employee, which increased revenue from €108m to €203m. He and his brother founded Agrilarity when they realized the impact that digitizing and automating processes could have in agriculture. Prior to working with Comex, Hunt received a business and finance degree from Trinity College Dublin and was a corporate banker based in Dublin, Toronto and New York.

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