John Merrells


Independent Badass/Consultant

John Merrells is a strong technical leader with an entrepreneurial spirit and drive to succeed. His technical experience includes designing and building massively scalable, highly reliable server systems and implementing internet protocols and database query processors. Some of his technical interests include semi-structured databases, distributed systems and digital identity infrastructures. John's background includes roles as a successful individual contributor, software architect, team lead, founder, executive and consultant. His past business experience includes establishing and maintaining high level business relationships, due diligence for acquisitions, presenting a company for sale, internal entrepreneurship, raising development funds, company foundation and negotiation of commercial contracts.


  • Scale
  • Product Market Fit
  • Software Architecture
  • Distributed Systems
  • Query Processors
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Business Development
  • Early Stage Investment
  • Late Stage Investment
  • Scaling
  • Database