Jonathan Knowles

Head of Faculty and Distinguished Fellow

In addition to serving as head of  faculty, Jonathan Knowles is the Singularity University Distinguished Fellow for Science, Technology, Innovation, and Exploration. Jonathan explorers the frontier of beyond the horizon technologies, providing insight on the evolving role of applied innovation. He is a creative thinker who researches the intersection of technology and global trends, bringing the arts and science together, while connecting people and ideas. A futurist and innovator, Jonathan collaborates with engineers, scientists, designers, educators, and others seeking to imagine, design, and create a better world. A respected voice on future trends, long-range vision, and creating the preferred future, Jonathan counsels start-ups, global business leaders, policy makers, and academics around the world.

With a focus on ocean science, climate change, space systems, robotics, biotechnology, archaeology, and paleoanthropology, he participates in fieldwork with others across the globe to help understand and preserve our past, and solve some of the world's most complex challenges.

Jonathan currently serves as Explorer in Residence at Autodesk and as the Science and Exploration Fellow at Mission Blue, The Sylvia Earle Alliance. He sits on the boards of several ocean, space, and education organizations.


  • Exploration
  • Technology
  • Science
  • Innovation
  • Oceans
  • Space
  • Community
  • Global Issues
  • Future Studies
  • Design
  • TEDx
  • TED Conference
  • Public Speaking
  • Moderator