Rafe Furst



Rafe is an entrepreneur, investor and advisor who connects ideas, people and resources to make good things happen faster. Beginning in Silicon Valley in the mid 1990s, Rafe founded or was a first round angel investor in over 30 startups, which collectively have generated over $1 Billion in revenue and $450 Million in liquidity to their stakeholders. Rafe has mentored hundreds of the top innovators, social entrepreneurs and impact investors from around the world. He has served as an Advisor or Director to dozens of incubators, fellowship programs and innovation communities, including Unreasonable Institute, Spirit of Innovation Awards and StartingBloc.Rafe's been featured in the New York Times Magazine, WIRED.com and Shake The World, for his ideas on unlocking shared value. He's won awards for cancer awareness and video production; hold's a championship bracelet from the World Series of Poker; and a B.S. & M.S. from Stanford University. What people want to talk to him most about though is the year he spent in an RV with his best friend, drinking beer and attending sporting events


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