Program for Exponential Leadership

Preparing leaders to thrive and ignite change in a complex, rapidly-changing world

The Mandate for Exponential Leadership

We are living in a “VUCA” world—an increasingly unpredictable and dynamic environment of nonstop Volatility, Uncertainty, Complexity, and Ambiguity. Leading an organization, a business unit, or a team to success in this worldwhich is not slowing down but acceleratingis incredibly hard. Most CEOs today feel a profound sense of urgency to transform everything about their organizationstrategy, culture, structure, leadershipto ensure they’re able to avoid disruption and thrive in the future.

Transformation starts with people. To be a catalyst for the required change, leaders must first unlearn outdated approaches and legacy behaviors that impede progress. They must embrace a new skillset, toolset and mindset that can inspire and empower both the individual and the organization to adapt and evolve. This is an Exponential Leader.

Many organizations are realizing that their existing leadership development programs are ill-equipped to prepare leaders to meet rapidly evolving business needs. Most programs use outdated methods, set inadequate context, offer insufficient coaching, and are generally too slow to keep pace with changing times. Find out how we’re different!

What is an Exponential Leader?

Exponential leaders are change agents, boundary pushers. They’re responsible for championing a new vision for the future and establishing an organizational climate and culture that fosters learning, adaptability, and speed.

Through Singularity’s work with hundreds of established organizations undergoing transformation, we’ve observed exponential leaders in action. They all embrace the skills and mindsets of four distinct roles: Futurist, Technologist, Impact-Driver, and Innovator. While most leaders naturally gravitate to one or two of these roles, exponential leaders embody elements of all four. This may feel like a stretch, but the good news is these attributes are all teachable and learnable.


Program Details

The Program for Exponential Leadership teaches current and aspiring leaders how to embrace new competencies required to navigate exponential change. As a complement to traditional programs that teach skills like communication, goal-setting, and managing teams, this program turbo-charges leaders with an understanding of exponential technologies, trends, and emerging methodologies for leading in a VUCA world. 

The Program has three phases, which combine classroom experience, on-the-job assignments, and coaching support:


Program Benefits

At the highest level, this program induces a palpable sense of urgency and agency in your leaders. They will emerge as motivated and empowered leaders prepared to help push the organization into the future. Specific benefits to participants include:

Self Evaluation:

Assess leader capabilities today relative to key exponential leadership characteristics and chart a course for improvement.

Mindset Transformation:

Singularity University is well-known for transforming the way people think and feel about the future. New behaviors and actions begin with this fundamental shift in perspective.

Exponential Toolkit:

A tangible set of tools, skills, and behaviors that support the exponential leader.

Activation Plan:

Each leader leaves the program with a specific road map for turning everything they learned and experienced into sustainable actions. 

Ongoing Support:

Each leader is paired with a coach and peer cohort to help guide the development of their exponential leadership practice.

The benefit to your organization? A future-ready cadre of leaders prepared to guide the workforce through uncertain times and champion the transformation needed to leap toward a new, sustainable future.

Is This Program Right for Your Organization?

We deliver this program to groups of 20-40 current leaders and high-potentials at companies ranging from billion-dollar multinationals to mid-market companies. We typically partner with executives in Human Resources or Learning & Development who are responsible for preparing senior leaders to drive organizational transformation. 


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Other Ways We Future-Proof your Organization

The Program for Exponential Leadership is an essential part of Singularity’s full suite of learning and innovation programs designed to transform organizations into nimble enterprises able to drive repeatable transformational innovation. Our Exponential Strategy Program, Prototyping and Team Incubation Sprints, and Ideation Workshops, among others, help leaders understand how technology is shaping the future and evolve their strategy to take advantage of disruptive forces.