Exponential Technology & Strategy Program

Educating leadership teams on today’s most disruptive forces

We’re in an Era of Rapidly Accelerating Change

Emerging technologies are radically altering every competitive landscape

At Singularity University, we see these seismic shifts as massive opportunities for dramatic growth, innovation, and value-creation. We can help you anticipate, understand, and leverage these opportunities to propel your company—and possibly the world—forward.

SU’s Exponential Strategy Program is a tailored, immersive learning experience designed to enable organizational leaders to accelerate innovative change. Through a highly collaborative effort between your team and ours, we’ll craft a transformative experience for your leadership team that suits your specific learning objectives. The curriculum will leverage your current strategic roadmap and reflect your understanding of where your company is already world-class and where your organization’s biggest opportunities lie.

You and your executive team will learn how to develop an exponential mindset and apply our proven innovation tools and methodologies to identify and prioritize new opportunity spaces. We’ll also help your team align on their roles and next steps in catalyzing change inside your organization. In the end, your executives will come away more deeply invested in and optimistic about the future of your organization.  

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“A custom [Exponential Strategy] program with SU will help you unveil the essential information nuggets and tools you need to adjust for success in a dramatically different environment.”

—Robert Rab

Chief of Staff, SAP Digital

Planning Your Program

A highly collaborative effort between your team and ours

The Exponential Strategy Program is an immersive learning experience designed to enable leaders to accelerate innovative change.

Our team of facilitators and expert faculty will craft a transformative experience spanning 1-3 days for your leadership team that suits your specific learning objectives. Your customized curriculum will introduce your team to the latest in exponential technologies, help you analyze the global threats and opportunities impacting your business through a new lens, and provide proven tools and frameworks not found elsewhere to build your future.

Now is the time to equip your leaders with the knowledge and mindset needed to thrive in these rapidly changing times. 

Gain an Exponential Mindset

You’ll never think about the future the same. We’ll teach you and your team how to unlock new solutions to intractable problems that in turn can help you make a positive impact on the world and our future.



See Threats Through a New Lens

Future challenges will emerge from new startups, nimble incumbents, and an ever-changing global environment. Anticipating and understanding these challenges will help you stay ahead of them.

Inform Your Growth Strategy

The world’s biggest challenges are also the world’s biggest opportunities. Organizations that make an exponential leap will be rewarded with massive growth opportunities while solving some big challenges along the way.

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“It brought 10x thinking to the way we think about the technology we develop, business models and processes.”

—Travis Witteveen

CEO, Avira

Our Curriculum

Singularity University faculty have an impressive breadth and depth of expertise across a wide range of topics

Through interactive presentations, insightful discussions, and highly engaging activities, you and your team will learn how to develop an exponential mindset and apply our proven innovation tools and methodologies to identify and prioritize new opportunity spaces. We'll deliver a customized curriculum that maps to your team's specific learning objectives and strategic priorities.


Exponential Technology

Artificial Intelligence • Augmented and Virtual Reality • Data Science • Digital Biology and Biotech • Medicine • Nanotech and Digital Fabrication • Networks and Computing Systems • Robotics • Robocars


Transformational Practices

Organizational Innovation • Design • Entrepreneurship • Exponential Organizations • Forecasting and Future Studies • Prototyping


Global Challenges & Opportunities

Disaster Resilience • Learning • Energy • Environment • Food • Global Health • Governance • Prosperity • Security • Space • Water • Shelter

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