Global Solutions Program

Developing moonshot innovations to create an abundant future

Newsflash! An All-New GSP is Coming Next Year!

The Global Solutions Program (GSP) has been our flagship program serving innovators from a wide diversity of backgrounds, geographies, perspectives, and expertise and helping them create moonshot innovations to positively transform the future of humanity. Based on the strong results we’ve seen over the past nine years, we’re taking an opportunity to redesign GSP to make it even more impactful, scalable, and accessible to people around the world.

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"[Going] through SU changes the way you view the world and, for me, it says that you're someone who is playing a much bigger game." 

—Dr. Peter H. Diamandis

Co-Founder & Executive Chairman

We Catalyze Future Companies

We’re very proud of our GSP alumni and the companies they’ve created

Through this program, we’ve helped launch companies that have, among other things, done 3D printing in space, used drones to deliver goods in low-income countries, and leveraged machine learning to predict dengue outbreaks in Rio de Janeiro.

Check out the videos below to see some of our biggest GSP success stories. You won't want to miss what happens next with GSP!

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"The heart and soul of Singularity University is its Global Solutions Program. You can see the passion and enthusiasm that the students bring — the staff and the faculty contribute to that as well — building an ever larger community, and it's a thrill for me to be a part of it." 

—Dr. Ray Kurzweil

Co-Founder & Chancellor

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