Ideation Workshops

Generate future-shaping breakthroughs that leverage exponential technologies

To catapult your company into the future, your biggest challenge isn’t merely to generate ideas, but breakthrough ideas that inspire disruptive new business models and can take your organization in new directions. Our interactive and future-focused Ideation Workshops will help you and your team leapfrog business-as-usual to identify new opportunities at the edge of your current business and produce a wide range of creative concepts to consider

Through world-class facilitation and application of our Design for Exponentials framework (think: design thinking in an exponential world), Ideation Workshops inspire your team to push boundaries and ideate far beyond business-as-usual. We’ll help enrich your team’s talents by unlocking their creativity in unexpected ways, enabling them to visualize inspiring, compelling new solutions that create value for your organization and your customer.

Our unique approach to ideation goes beyond frameworks and brainstorming rules. The diverse stimuli we introduce—ranging from exponential technology forecasts, to global grand challenges, to entrepreneurs working at the bleeding edge—help you mash up problems, opportunities, and ideas in new ways that yield true innovation. Plus, our focus on 10x (be audacious!) and 10+-years-out (go beyond what you can see today) thinking will move your team members out of their collective comfort zone and inspire truly new possibilities.

We offer two types of workshops that each apply unique methods to shift perspectives, open minds, and foster disruptive innovation that can reshape the future of your organization.

Disruption Workshop


Stop us if this sounds familiar: 

"I'm the one in my organization who's supposed to be keeping up with emerging technologies and coming up with ideas for leveraging them, but I don't know how to get started."

You’re not alone. Technologies are accelerating rapidly, and they’re transforming the competitive landscape of every major industry and discipline. It’s a massive undertaking to stay current on all of these technologies, let alone to understand their implications to your organization. That’s where we come in. 

In Disruption Workshops, our experts help small teams of innovators identify disruptive forces relevant to their industry and ideate ways to convert them from threats to business opportunities. Ideation sessions at HQ often fail because participants are too anchored in today’s paradigm or their particular areas of expertise. We help break that cycle by convening a diverse range of experts who provoke unexpected ideas and solutions based on their unique perspectives on the future.

Ready to kickstart your innovation experiments and start innovating at the speed of a startup? Find out if a Disruption Workshop is right for you. Start a conversation with us.

Science Fiction Design
Intelligence (SciFi D.I.) Workshop

The SciFi Design Intelligence Workshop is a compelling, unique approach to innovation that provides teams with an informed vision for future products, services, and experiences in a novel format. In this workshop, we begin with the end in mind and define a variety of compelling futures, based on everything we know about accelerating technologies and trends and how they could shape your (future) industry. 

We convene creative collaborators like science fiction writers, illustrators, designers, technologists, and futurists to create new ideas and bring new worlds to life where these ideas will, should, or may exist. Then we work backward to develop roadmaps for new products, services, and business models.


These workshops facilitate innovation so successfully because science fiction helps us all suspend our disbelief. Comic books and science fiction communicate in ways that help the reader imagine possibilities without worrying about limitations. We’ve adapted these principles to corporate innovation and formed a new and fascinating method through which to ideate, experiment, learn, and design. 

We hope to open your minds and change your perspective on your company’s role in the many possible futures you may envision. Ultimately, it's a new and fascinating method to experiment with and which our prior participants have found to be profoundly inspirational. Ready to get started? Let's chat.

Let the Ideation Begin!

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