Prototyping & Team Incubation Sprints

Rapidly test, learn, and iterate your way to vetted proofs-of-concepts at the speed of startups


In innovation, coming up with good ideas is pretty easy. The ability to rapidly test those ideas, to get outside the building, to be truly human-centered and unbiased, to learn from failure and to persuade stakeholders to make fast decisions based on experiments versus opinions and sacred really hard! Some organizations have a structure, culture, and set of processes that foster these activities...but most don’t.

That's where we come in. SU's Prototyping & Team Incubation Sprints are designed for small, empowered, innovation-focused teams and leaders who are providing their organization with strategic direction and organizational air cover. These programs will enable you to experiment with a future-focused, fast-moving, and inspiring partner and execute outside the confines of your core organization.

Why is this so important? It’s hard for large organizations to move at the speed of a startup. Core business leaders of most companies prioritize incremental growth, predictability, efficiency, and risk mitigation in order to achieve carefully projected goals. But disruptive, longer-term innovation projects require creativity, intentional discovery, and rapid hypothesis testing and iteration. These two approaches to driving growth must be managed very differently.  

How We Help

Disruptive innovation efforts must live away from the core business, leveraging outside partners, assets and approaches, protected from the business-as-usual mindset, loosely connected to core processes, intentionally leveraging core capabilities, and evaluated with non-traditional metrics. Prototyping & Incubation Sprints support disruptive innovation teams and initiatives at the edge of the core business.

Bonus: Our Sprints can be delivered in various ways, depending on your needs. We can run hard in a week or dig deep over a few months. We can drive the process for you, or teach your team how to drive so you can build an internal capability. Either way, you’ll emerge from a Sprint with a new appreciation for the power of rapid experimentation, new innovation skills and tools that are relevant in an exponentially changing world, and vetted proofs-of-concepts that are ready for pilot.

Prototyping Sprint


We meet with innovation leaders every day and we hear this one a lot (perhaps it rings a bell?): “We've got a lot of great ideas, but I need to prove we can actually bring an idea to life and deliver something tangible.”

This particular pain point is far more common than you might realize. It's not surprising, given how rapidly and constantly the business environment is changing. That’s where we come in. We'll help you develop a discipline to rapidly test and validate concepts in agile sprints.

Together with our experts over a 12-week development cycle, we'll start with an idea, develop an early concept, explore and design a user experience, create personas and customer journeys, and build a working prototype in 2-week sprints. We'll also perform real-time customer validation to (in)validate hypotheses and improve user experience.

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Team Incubation 


In this more immersive experience, we'll teach your team how to prototype and test disruptive ideas. By applying our Design for Exponentials methodology, we'll help your team move from concept, to design and development, to working prototype. 

This 12-week program typically includes three 1-day workshops (on-site) and six 2-week sprints (on-site or virtual). Additionally, your team will benefit from a dedicated mentor, weekly coaching sessions, product design direction and support, and co-working space with our startup accelerator and portfolio companies.

Ultimately, you and your team will emerge with a working prototype of a big idea and armed with the ability to apply our Design for Exponentials methodology, the skills to build an internal experimentation capability, and the confidence to be more impactful change agents.

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