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As our co-founder, Peter Diamandis, is fond of saying, “The only constant is change, and the rate of change is increasing.” Disruption often comes from outside of your traditional competitive set, so it's critical to understand the breakthroughs happening across multiple industries. SU helps you see and harness the power of new disruptive business models before they’re used against you. Through our cutting-edge curriculum and world-class faculty, we help corporations transform into agile and adaptable companies empowered to leap into the future with exponential results.

Our expertise lies in helping business leaders leverage exponential change, by taking you and your team through four phases of transformation: educate, ideate, incubate, and leap. We work with you at each stage of your epic journey, providing our unique resources and facilities, proven tools and curriculum, and industry experts and innovation gurus to help you at every turn. At the end of this process, you’ll emerge with a deeper comprehension of exponential technologies and how to apply them, and your team(s) will be more closely aligned with and invested in your vision.


See the future.

First, we’ll help you see the technological advances happening all around you. You’ll learn about exponential thinking, drivers of today’s accelerating pace of change, emerging technologies and business models, and implications for your organization.

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Design the future.

Next, we’ll explore the implications and design several new potential futures for your organization. Informed by emerging technologies, business models, and global grand challenges, you’ll identify new opportunity spaces and generate concepts for prototyping.

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Build the future.

Third, we’ll help test and build a portfolio of new innovations to formulate a point of view on the feasibility of potential new businesses. You’ll find collaboration and development partners while rapidly testing and preparing vetted proofs-of-concept for pilot and scale.

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Become the future.

Finally, we’ll guide you to become an agile, adaptable company ready for the future. You’ll explore new exponential business models outside your core to enable you to jump ahead of the market and accelerate your business into the future.

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“Having access to SU’s top-notch talent can benefit your strategy thanks to their vision on how industries are disrupted one after another.”

—Antonio Bravo Acín

Head of Strategy & Planning for Business Development Growth Markets, BBVA

Why Singularity University?

We're your guide to the future

We’re experts at helping companies make sense of and evolve their strategic roadmap to not only persevere in an unpredictable world but also to help create a better world. With a world-class curriculum rooted in futures thinking and exponential technology, you’ll learn more than how to avoid disruption. You’ll become the disrupter.

Our network is your network

By working with us, you’re joining a global network of passionate, action-oriented changemakers—entrepreneurs, government leaders, corporate innovators, nonprofits/NGOs, educators, and venture capitalists—who are eager to connect and collaborate for ideation, provocation, partnership, and development support. 

Our technology expertise will help bring your ideas to life

When you’re ready to turn your ideas into products, SU Labs will bring your solutions to life by providing an inspirational and collaborative environment that was designed to help large organizations create exponential solutions today to seize tomorrow’s biggest opportunities. Learn from world-renowned experts who understand how technologies are converging (and why), who is on the forefront of a breakthrough, and potential implications for your industry.

We’ll put you in the startup state of mind

Startups operate with an extreme sense of urgency because they have to, and because they can. While large companies have obvious advantages over startups, it’s a challenge to be as fast and nimble as they are. SU Labs helps large company innovators get the best of both worlds. 

We’re in the epicenter of innovation

Located in the heart of Silicon Valley, the global epicenter of innovation, Singularity University provides direct access to the titans of technology and faculty with experience bringing innovation to life.

We have a massive transformative purpose

We’re different from traditional learning institutions and consultancies because we empower organizations to apply exponential technologies to address humanity’s grand challenges. Solving these challenges will transform not only business but also the world.

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