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We’ll help you translate these new market insights into a pipeline of testable ideas

To catapult your company into the future, your biggest challenge isn’t merely to generate ideas, but rather to generate breakthroughs that can inspire disruptive new business models leveraging exponential technologies. Enter SU Labs, your path to identifying big, new opportunity spaces and generating a large volume of concepts to explore. 

Working with SU Labs in the ideate phase, you’ll identify potential business opportunities that aren’t currently on your radar. We stimulate ideation using a range of provocations and approaches: emerging technologies, new business models, industry and macroeconomic trends, global grand challenges, startup and VC monitoring, expert perspectives, “beginner’s mind” exercises, empathy activities, and future-back analysis.

Ideation Workshops 

Through world-class facilitation and application of our Design for Exponentials framework (think: design thinking in an exponential world), your team will push boundaries and ideate far beyond business-as-usual in our interactive workshops. We enrich your team’s talents by unlocking their creativity in unexpected ways, enabling them to visualize inspiring, compelling new solutions.

Disruption Workshop

We'll shift your team’s strategic thinking into overdrive by having a diverse range of technology, design, and innovation experts provoke discussions around such questions as “How would you disrupt this company?” and “If you were this company’s CEO, where would you double-down?” We'll identify relevant disruptive forces and provoke ideas/solutions and help come up with that next big disruptive idea.

Science Fiction Design Intelligence (SciFi D.I.) Workshop

Your team will blast off on an exciting adventure in solution design by starting with an end goal to define ideal future states—using our expert knowledge of exponential technologies—and teaming with science fiction writers, illustrators, designers, and technologists to bring these new worlds to life, and then working backward to develop a realistic roadmap for getting there.

Expected Outcomes

Generate new future-focused ideas and concepts that leverage exponential technologies, global grand challenges, and other disruptive forces and prepare for rapid prototyping.

Program Length

1-2 days

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“Failure and invention are inseparable twins. Most large organizations embrace the idea of invention, but are not willing to suffer the string of failed experiments necessary to get there. Outsized returns often come from betting against conventional wisdom, and conventional wisdom is usually right.”

- Jeff Bezos, Founder and CEO, Amazon

Other Ideation Programs

Exponential Technology and Startup Radar

Our experts will help your team will develop deep expertise and identify new build/buy/ partner opportunities during this intensive sprint by providing a thorough evaluation of a specific technology or trend relevant to your company—where it is today, where it’s projected to go, startup and VC activity, academic R&D lab projects, and more.

Expected Outcomes

  • Deeply understand a specific technology or trend
  • Identify build/buy/partner opportunities

Program Length

2 months

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Open Innovation Challenges

Your team will harness the wisdom of the crowd to source breakthrough ideas and concepts and select the winning idea(s) to transition into incubation and rapid prototyping. 

Expected Outcomes

Ideas with disruptive potential sourced from inside your organization or our global community of inspired solvers.

Program Length

8-12 weeks

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