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We help you imagine, build, and scale exponential solutions

Let’s Build an Exponential Future Together

We help entrepreneurs and startups take moonshots

Since day one, we’ve offered programs that help entrepreneurs crush the big rocks blocking humanity’s path to an abundant future and blaze a trail forward using exponential technologies (like AI, nanotech, digital biology, and robotics). We’ve helped founders and their teams build and scale future-shaping products. It’s your turn now. Read on to see exactly how we can help you.

We guide you through all phases of transformation from idea to scaling enterprise. Whether you’re a solo entrepreneur or leading an early-stage venture—for-profit or nonprofit—we provide unique resources and facilities, proven tools and curriculum, and industry experts and innovation gurus to help you along your path to greatness. At the end of this process, you’ll emerge with a deeper comprehension of the power of exponential technologies that will help you initiate discovery; design, build, and test a prototype; and end up with a finished product ready to take to market and the skills to propel your venture forward. 


See the future.

First, we’ll help you see the technological advances happening all around you. You’ll learn about exponential thinking, drivers of today’s accelerating pace of change, emerging technologies and business models, and their implications on our world. Get started by attending a Summit, applying to the Executive Program or submitting your breakthrough idea into a local Global Impact Challenge.


Design the future.

Generating ideas is easy. Generating breakthrough innovations that can leapfrog business-as-usual and improve the lives of millions is hard. We’re all about taking moonshots at SU, not building the next great photo-sharing app (unless those photos will help monitor climate change or serve some other meaningful purpose, that is!). Does that sound like you? 

If you're ready to go all-in from the start and are looking for your next big thing, apply to our annual Global Solutions Program (GSP), which convenes a group of the world’s most talented solvers to develop new ideas, build teams, and prototype game changing-solutions.



Build the future.

If you’re on the right track coming out of GSP, you’ll be transitioned into SU Ventures, a series of offerings designed to help you cross the proverbial chasm. We provide access to the capital, connections, and customers you need to validate your ideas, gel as a team, prototype your MVP, and get it ready for market. Our stellar network of mentors and experts will help prepare you for success, and help you launch a company that has the potential to change the world.



Become the future.

Is your solution showing some promise and getting traction? It’s time to accelerate and scale. We know what it takes to get something built and out into the world, and we know how to help you succeed. Our faculty, mentors, and growing global network of alumni and partners have already done it, and you’ll be in very capable hands. Through SU Ventures, we help early-stage companies like yours achieve product-market fit and start down the path of exponential growth.


Our Innovation Ecosystem

We’re building a global network of innovation ecosystems to help achieve maximum impact. When you work with us, you’ll join a global network of innovators focusing their collective passion, knowledge, networks, resources, and bias for action on tackling the world’s biggest problems. Whether you attended the Global Solutions Program, began your entrepreneurial journey with us via SU Ventures, attended a Summit, or simply read an article on Singularity Hub, we're here to support you throughout the life of your startup. Join us, and become part of our growing global network of other founders and startups changing the world. We’re here to help.

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Why Singularity University?

We can take you from pre-idea to scale

Startup folks are often lampooned for saying they want to “make the world a better place.” To us, though, it’s no joke. We’re looking for moonshot companies that are taking aim to positively impact over a billion lives using emerging technology. We’re dedicated to helping companies and nonprofits of all shapes and sizes to achieve this objective. That’s where our core expertise lies, and it’s the foundation upon which we’ve built all of our programs and resources. When you tap into our world-class curriculum rooted in futures thinking and exponential technology, you’ll unlock the ability to identify intriguing opportunity spaces, and go from the spark of an inkling to a fully-formed venture.

Our network is your network

By working with us, you’re joining a global network of passionate, action-oriented changemakers—entrepreneurs, government leaders, corporate innovators, nonprofits/NGOs, educators, and venture capitalists—who are eager to connect and collaborate for ideation, provocation, partnership, and development support. 

Our technology expertise will help bring your ideas to life

When you’re ready to turn your ideas into products, SU Labs will help you drive innovation and impact in an exponentially accelerating world. You’ll learn from world-renowned experts who understand how technologies are converging (and why) and can help guide you to build promising solutions.

We’re in the epicenter of innovation

Located in the heart of Silicon Valley, the global epicenter of innovation, Singularity University provides direct access to the titans of technology and faculty with experience bringing innovation to life. You’ll be surrounded with all the inspiration, people, and tools you’ll need to translate your dreams into action.

We have a massive transformative purpose

We’re different from everyday incubators and accelerators that focus on software or building that next inconsequential app. We focus on hard sciences, space, energy, healthcare, biotech, and more. We’re looking to create long-term, widescale impact, not quick exits. Our entrepreneurs are devising unprecedented ways of using exponential technologies to address humanity’s grand challenges. Solving these challenges will not only transform business but also the world, and these things take time.