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Frequently asked questions

When can we apply?

At any time. The Startup Network is an ongoing membership program with rolling applications.

Can I join if I haven’t attended an SU program?

Absolutely! While most of our SU companies have been founded by our alumni, it is not a requirement. 

How do we join? What is the process?

Fill out our online application (preferably with a recommendation from someone at SU). Our team will review your application and determine whether or not to schedule a follow-up interview. If you’re selected for an interview, we would then conduct our own internal review following that. If your company is accepted, you’ll execute a contract to join SU Labs.

What does it cost?

2% equity of founders’ stock. For companies with an external valuation over $10M, it reduces to 1%, and for the rare startup with an external valuation over $20M it drops to 0.5%. This equity pays for membership and keeps SU aligned with the long-term growth of your company.

How long does the application process take?

Time from application to acceptance varies depending on several factors, but the process typically takes approximately 4-8 weeks.

Does my company need to be based in the US?

No. In fact, we have founders operating across the globe. However, we do require a US incorporation because we cannot hold stock in non-US companies. 

Could we have an office at SU Labs?

Unfortunately not. We do offer public space in a fully furnished coworking space, but we do not have private offices for rent. 

Can we use SU’s address as our own?

No. You would need approval from NASA to use an address on Moffett Field.

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