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Exponential Manufacturing, an annual look at the ever-changing future of advanced manufacturing. The 2018 iteration will be bigger, more bold, and updated for a new year of exponential technological change. Until then, take a look at videos, session recaps and photos from 2017 to get an idea of the community and content that makes this event a must-attend for any serious manufacturing professional.

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The Big Shift: Then, Now & Tomorrow

Our global economy is rapidly shifting to a new set of rules, and industries are being fundamentally reshaped. Few arenas are as affected as manufacturing, which is re-inventing everything from the ways that products are envisioned, to the ways they are delivered. What does this Big Shift mean for manufacturing in the future?

“Collaborative robots are making it more pleasant to work in factories.”

- Rodney Brooks

2017 Presenter: Rodney Brooks, Founder, Chairman & CTO, Rethink Robotics

Stop Prototyping. Start Producing.

With the emergence of 3D printing and digital manufacturing, the speed at which we can design and re-design new products is unprecedented. The game now is matching the speed of designers with the speed of engineers and workers on the factory floors. Valerie Buckingham of Carbon Inc. discusses the impact of the digital industrial revolution on manufacturing and how additive methods can drastically cut prototype to production time.

“What happens when you design on the systems, processes and materials that are the same that you will use to scale to end use production? That's where we need to be.”

- Valerie Buckingham

2017 presenter: Valerie Buckingham, Vice President of Marketing, Carbon

Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning

Machine learning and AI will disrupt every industry in the near future - and every aspect of manufacturing - from production through the supply chain. We'll see big improvements in a machine's ability to learn like a human, which will allow AI to surpass people at many work-related tasks, thereby bringing about major societal change and incredible competitive advantages for those who leverage these technologies.

“AI is computer science accelerating other technologies.”

- Neil Jacobstein

2017 presenter: Neil Jacobstein, AI & Robotics Co-Chair at Singularity University & Former CEO at Teknowledge Corporation

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